Washington Oversize Load / Pilot Car Requirements
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Oversize Load Permit Is Required:
Width: Over 8' 6"
Height: Over 14' 0"
Length: Semi-trailer over 53' 0" (trailers from 53′ to 56′ require a permit)
Weight: Over 105,500 lbs. GVW (20,000 lbs. single axle or 34,000 lbs. tandem axle)

Oversize Load Times Of Movement:
1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset, Monday - Thursday (Friday until 3pm)
Overweight only loads permitted 24/7
Travel prohibited on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day (if the holiday falls on a weekday, travel prohibited the afternoon prior to the holiday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, travel prohibited the preceding Friday or the following Monday)
Permit office closed on the above holidays plus Martin Luther King Day, President's Day & Veteran's Day

Phone Numbers, Addresses and Websites:
Washington Road Conditions: (800) 695-7623
Washington State Police: (360) 753-6540
Oversize Permits: (360) 704-6340   Fax: (360) 704-6350
Trip Permits: (360) 704-6340
Fuel Permits: (360) 664-1868

Dept. of Transportation Permits Office
921 Lakeridge Way
Olympia, WA  47367
Office hours: 7am - 5pm   Monday - Friday  (PT)

Washington DOT Website
Restricted Roads for Oversize Loads
Coast 2 Coast Online Permits

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Washington Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle is Required:
2 Lane Highways:
Over 11′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
Over 100′ long (or rear overhang exceeds 1/3 total length) requires 1 pilot car
Over 14′ 6″ high requires 1 pilot car & county or city authorization
Front overhang (depending on route) requires 1 pilot car
Truck driver unable to see 200′ to the rear of the load using mirrors requires 1 pilot car
Multi-Lane Highways:
Over 14′ up to 20′ wide requires 1 pilot car
Over 20′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
Over 125′ long requires 1 pilot car
Over 14′ 6″ high requires 1 pilot car with high pole & county or city authorization
Over 20′ front or rear overhang requires 1 pilot car
Truck driver unable to see 200′ to the rear of the load using mirrors requires 1 pilot car
Mobile Homes:
Over 15′ high requires 1 pilot car
Farm Implements:
Over 12′ 6″ wide on 2 lane State highways requires 2 pilot cars
Over 14′ wide on multi-lane State highways requires 1 pilot car

Washington Pilot Car Vehicle Requirments:
Vehicle size not specified in regulations
"OVERSIZE LOAD" sign (5′ x 10″ high) with black letters (8″ high and 1″ brush stroke) on yellow background mounted over the roof of vehicle
Two flashing or rotating amber lights mounted above roof line
Exterior rear view mirrors on the left & right sides of vehicle
Standard 18″ "STOP/SLOW" paddle sign
Three bi-directional emergency reflective triangles
A 5 lb. B,C fire extinguisher
Fluorescent yellow-green/orange/red high visibility safety garment
First aid supplies as prescribed in WAC 29-800-15020
Flashlight with red nose cone
Height pole for use on loads over 14′ 6″

Washington Pilot Car Operator Requirements:
Must possess a valid WA State pilot/escort vehicle operator certificate/card or certification from another jurisdiction approved by the department, subject to the periodic review of the issuing jurisdictions program
Washington's operator cards must be renewed every 3 years
Certification test may be taken by contacting the pilot escort & flagging instructor at (509) 684-7632
For further information call (360) 705-7987
Currently recognized State certifications are Utah, Florida & North Carolina
Must use headlights at all times while escorting load