Oklahoma Oversize Load / Pilot Car Requirements
Oversize/Overweight Permit Regulations

Oversize Load Permit Is Required:
Width: Over 8' 6"
Height: Over 13' 6"
Length: Semi-trailer over 53' 0"
Weight: Over 80,000 lbs. (five axle unit) GVW (20,000 lbs. single axle or 34,000 lbs. tandem axle)

Oversize Load Times Of Movement:
1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset (7 days a week)
Travel prohibited on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and day after), Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
Travel prohibited on the interstate system in Oklahoma, Tulsa & Cleveland Counties from 7am - 9am & 3:30pm - 6:30pm (Monday - Friday) not on Saturday & Sunday

Phone Numbers, Addresses and Websites:
Oklahoma Road Conditions: (405) 425-2385 or (888) 425-2385
Oklahoma State Police: (405) 425-2424
Oversize Permits: (877) 425-2390
Trip / Fuel Permits: (405) 521-3246

Dept. of Public Safety
OS/OW Permits Division
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK   73136
Office hours: 7am - 4:30pm, (closed from 12pm - 1pm)  Monday - Friday (CT)

Oklahoma DOT Website
Oklahoma Road Conditions
Coast 2 Coast Online Permits

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Oklahoma Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle is Required:
2 Lane Highways:
Over 12′ up to 14′ wide requires 1 pilot car
Over 14′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
Over 80′ long requires 1 pilot car
Over 100′ long requires 2 pilot cars
15′ 9″ high or greater requires 2 pilot cars
Multi-Lane Highways:
Over 12′ up to 16′ wide requires 1 pilot car
Over 16′ wide(on all highways & roads) requires 2 pilot cars
15′ 9″ high or greater requires 2 pilot cars
15′ 9″ high or greater must contact all public utilities and railroads along the route in advance of the move
Mobile Homes & Boats on 2 Lane Highways & Roads:
Over 80′ long requires 1 pilot car
Over 12′ but under 14′ wide requires 1 pilot car
Over 14′ but under 16′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
Multi-Lane Highways:
Over 14′ but under 16′ wide requires 1 pilot car

Oklahoma Pilot Car Vehicle Requirments:
Pickup truck not less than 1/4 ton rated load capacity or an automobile not less than 2,000 lbs. properly licensed in OK or any other State if providing interstate escort service
"OVERSIZE LOAD" sign (5′ X 12″) with black letters (10″ high X 1 1/2″ brush stroke) on yellow background mounted in an appropriate location (determined by the load & location of the escort)
Rotating or flashing amber beacon or flashing amber light bar system top mounted (visible from 500′) 10″ in diameter minimum X 8″ high
Red flags (12″ square minimum) attached to standards angled upward at 45 degrees or mounted on cab and to upright standards on rear corners of vehicle
CB or two way radio with a 1/2 mile minimum distance
Two 5 lb. chemical fire extinguishers or one 10 lb. B,C type
Four 15 minute flares, or four reflective triangles
2 (two)reflective "STOP/SLOW" paddles (24″) & two (24″) red hand held flags
hard hat which meets standards set by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, fluorescent orange vest and flashlight with 2 D-cell batteries
Display on each side of vehicle with the name, city, phone number and owner of vehicle
Spare tire with tire jack & lug wrench
Height Pole (when required)

Oklahoma Pilot Car Operator Requirements:
Drivers of an escort vehicle for hire in Oklahoma must be certified by DPS
Maintain a valid insurance policy issued by a surety or insurance company currently authorized to issue policies in Oklahoma
Provide not less than $1,000,000.00 combined single limit coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of the operation of the escort vehicle, the escorted vehicle, or both
Does not apply to any operator who operates only in intrastate/interstate commerce into or through States that don't have escort vehicle certification or residents of another State which has a reciprocal agreement with escort vehicle operator certification issued by that State. Such certifications shall be exempt from the insurance requirements