Nevada Oversize Load / Pilot Car Requirements
Permit Conditions and Restrictions

Oversize Load Permit Is Required:
Width: Over 8' 6"
Height: Over 14' 0"
Length: Semi-trailer over 53' 0"
Weight: Over 80,000 lbs. GVW (20,000 lbs. single axle or 34,000 lbs. tandem axle)

Oversize Load Times Of Movement:
1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Travel is permitted 24 hours a day if legal height and width and 75′ long or less, 10′ or less overhang or any weight
Night travel on 4 lane roads allowed for vehicles whose width is under 10′, 14′ high, 75′ long or 10′ overhang
Vehicles under 14′ wide, 16′ high, 105′ long or 15′ overhang may travel on weekends except for I-80 between Reno and California line & I-15 between Las Vegas and California line unless they meet holiday travel restrictions
Travel prohibited on New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Admission Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day

Phone Numbers, Addresses and Websites:
Nevada Road Conditions: (877) 687-6237
Nevada State Police: (775) 687-5300
Oversize Permits: (775) 684-4711 or (800) 552-2127   Fax: (775) 888-7103
Trip Permits: Issued at vendor stations
Fuel Permits: (775) 684-4711

Dept. of Transportation
1263 S Stewart St., Rm 103
Carson City, NV   89712
Office hours: Counter Service from 8am - 4:30pm,  Monday - Friday (PT)

Nevada DOT Website
Current Road Conditions
Coast 2 Coast Online Permits
Nevada Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle is Required:
2 Lane Roads:
Over 12′ to 14′ wide requires 1 pilot car
Over 14′ to 16′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
Over 16′ wide requires 3 pilot cars
Over 105′ long requires 1 pilot car
Over 25′ overhang (front or rear) requires 1 pilot car
Interstate & 4 or more lanes:
Over 14′ to 16′ wide requires 1 pilot car
Over 16′ to 17′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
Over 17′ wide is reviewed on an individual basis
Over 17′ high requires 1 pilot car with height pole
Over 105′ long requires 1 pilot car
Over 25′ overhang requires 1 pilot car

Nevada Pilot Car Vehicle Requirments:
Minimum of 60″ width, 95″ wheelbase, not larger than 1 1/2 ton truck
"WIDE LOAD" sign
Revolving or blinking amber lights (minimum of 50 candlepower bulb) not less than 5″ in diameter, minimum flash frequency of 50 flashes per minute, visible from at least 500′ in normal sunlight. Mounted on roof above sign
Must possess a $2.00 light certificate (send money order only to Department of Transportation, 1263 South Stewart Street, Carson City, NV  89712   phone (775) 888-7410)
No flags are stipulated in requirements
Equipment required for flagging:
A red vest
A red hand held flag
"STOP" paddle with white letters on a red background

Nevada Pilot Car Operator Requirements:
Minimum of 18 years of age

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