Maine Oversize Load / Pilot Car Requirements
Oversize Load Rules & Regulations

Oversize Load Permit Is Required:
Width: Over 8' 6"
Height: Over 13' 6" Vehicle   (Over 14′ 0" Load)
Length: Semi-trailer over 53' 0" (with restrictions -  Visit Motor Carrier Services)
Weight: Over 80,000 lbs. GVW (22,400 lbs. single axle or 38,000 lbs. tandem axle)

Oversize Load Times Of Movement:
1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Travel prohibited on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the following day), Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Phone Numbers, Addresses and Websites:
Maine Road Conditions: (207) 624-3595 or (866) 282-7578
Maine State Police: (207) 624-7200
Oversize Permits: (207) 624-9000 ext# 52134   Fax: (207) 622-5332
Trip Permits: (207) 624-9000 ext# 52137
Fuel Permits: (207) 624-9000 ext# 52136

Dept. of Transportation
Overlimit Permit Unit
Bureau of Motor Vehicles (allow a week for processing mail)
29 State House Station
101 Hospital Street
Augusta, ME   04333
Office hours: 7:30am - 5pm,  M - F (ET)

Maine DOT Website
Motor Carrier Services
Maine Travel Information Service
Coast 2 Coast Online Permits

Find a Pilot Car Provider in Maine
Maine Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle is Required:
Over 12′ 0″ wide requires pilot car
Over 80′ long requires pilot car
State Police Escort: (207) 624-7000 Required When:
16′ 0″ wide or greater
124′ 0″ long or greater
Extreme heights
Mobiles & Modulars on 2 Lane Highways:
12′ to 14′ 6″ wide requires 1 pilot car
14′ 6″ to 16′ 8″ wide requires 2 pilot cars
On Multi Lane Highways
12′ 0″ to 16′ 8″ wide requires 1 pilot car
Convoy of two and 1st stop of opportunity from the traveled exit ramp up to 2 miles
Police Escort required when deemed necessary by ME Sec. of State with advice from the Commissioner of Transportation if mobile homes are over 16′ wide at the base and over 16′ 8″ wide at any other point

Maine Pilot Car Vehicle Requirments:
Light truck or automobile
"OVERSIZE LOAD" sign (12″ X 5′) with black lettering on yellow background 8″ high with 1.4″ brush stroke / 1″ min. border around letters (on rear bumper when following load / front bumper when preceeding load)
Amber flashing (2 at least 6″ in diameter), rotary (2 at least 4″ in diameter) or light bar (minimum 4 flashing, strobe combo) extreme top left and right or left to right
Flags are not stipulated in regulations
CB or two way radio with a minimum 1 mile radius

Maine Pilot Car Operator Requirements:
Minimum of 18 years of age with an operators license for 2 consecutive years
The escort must have a copy of chapter 157, rule 29-250 in the vehicle